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The Basics of Sensation - from Vision to Smell:
If you ever, and let’s hope you don’t, see an old lady being mugged, two main things occur in the vast expanse of your brain. After you see the colors and shapes and hear the sound of this poor lady is being attacked, your brain then processes the information you have just seen and acknowledges its existence. These two phases are commonly known as sensation and perception. In this chapter, we will be discussing the mechanics behind sensation and its relevance to your everyday life. Sensation can be defined as our brain’s recognition of a stimulus to any of our five main senses. Anything beyond a simple recognition bleeds into the realm of perception, a topic that we will be discussing more of in the next chapter. We will tie your brain’s complex ability to recognize sensations to the senses of touch, smell, vision, hearing, and taste.

Michael Cho

The following is a 7 minute slideshow with basic sensation and perception terms defined well. Worth having in your notes.