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Source: Public domain found via Wikimedia Commons
Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior and thought processes, and the way to gain insight to anything, psychology included, is to research it. Through qualitative methods such as the case study and naturalistic observation and quantitative methods such as the survey and experimentation, a scientist can learn everything they need to know about the prevalence of physical affection on the York campus, among other topics. By replicating the experiment and conferring with other scientists, the conclusions made can be reaffirmed as valid or can lead to modified hypotheses to be tested again.
Of course, conclusions from any type of experiment (eg. “eating fatty foods makes you fat”), quantitative or qualitative, will always have exceptions to the rule (“well, my best friend eats two bags of chips per day and still has chicken legs”). However, there is no doubt that there is benefit in psychological research, as it yields results that contribute to the understanding of the human mind in general.