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Perception is the way we, as fully functioning beings, gain knowledge from the world around us. We are incredible works of anatomical art. We can adapt to crazy changes in vision, from three feet over to upside down. We can recover from years without viewing a sunset. Our perceptual abilities are incredible. And yet we wonder.

The Brain can see? Watch the video to find out.

When a car honks, the sound waves drift to our ears, and then up to our brain. Somehow we know more than that just a loud noise has occurred; it’s location and that it was from a car and not a different source are perceived as well. We then process the honk as being either a wake up call or an insult, and react to it, all in a fraction of a second. We process the information (in this case, a car horn) through two different perceptual procedures: bottom-up (the information makes its way up to our brains through energy), and top-down (our experiences and preexisting thoughts affect the knowledge being perceived).

Photo Credit: Tie Guy II
This causes one to wonder: are we really all seeing that sock in the same way? What happens when something goes wrong? What happens if you can not even see to begin with? These questions rack our brains with a hidden uncertainty parallel to the big questions such as Why are we here? While we can not answer the big ones (or maybe we can), this chapter is here to put your concerns to rest. Your questions will finally be answered.

Maya and James