Interested in learning about psychology? If yes, then welcome to the York School AP Psychology Textbook Wiki!

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A creative group, York's Advanced Psychology students are collaborating on their own Introduction to Psychology textbook. The classes of 2009-2011 launched phases 1 and 2 of the project, drafting major sections of 9-10 chapters; since then each year's class has added additional chapters and individual pages. Students in future years will focus on updating chapters with timely and relevant information. Eventually, the goal will be to have a resource complete enough to eliminate the need for students to be required to purchase their own copies of expensive texts. (The teacher will continue to host a class set for reference and, of course, students can elect voluntarily to buy texts if they feel the need.)
Congratulations to the classes of 2010-14 for crafting such strong chapters in this ongoing project! You set a high standard for future years to follow. CTorg is very proud of the work represented here and hopes York students to come appreciate this open multimedia textbook and carry the torch forward.

Much like wikipedia, this online textbook will include hyperlinks, images, clips from YouTube and podcasts, all in an effort to bring psychological concepts to life. When possible, students will incorporate anecdotes and illustrations of ideas and issues from a distinctly "Yorkie" perspective.

In tackling this project, the participating students pledge the following:
  • to validate that the contents of this wiki are accurate and complete
  • to make every effort to avoid plagiarizing copywritten material
  • to document sources of controversial claims and any highly distinctive examples/images/etc
  • to assist and be respectful of each other's work in this wiki
  • to learn as much as possible about the subject matter in the process of crafting the chapters, while acknowledging that they may not be able to include all their research into the final draft

Contributors To Date:

2013-14: Shirley Chen, Lexie DeMartini, Devon Hubert, Mary Joplin, Emme Nix, Scottie Pirkle, Josh Pompan, Sasha Schmidli, Rolf Taylor

2012-13: Bria Adams, Cooper Ahearn, Itana Avdalovic, Caroline Chan, Christina Cobb, Matteo Crow, Lizzie Joplin, Ki Martella, Cassie Minor, Alessandra Mowry, Amy Ng, Thu-An Pham, Brandon Thompson, Caitlin Washburn

2011-12: Cobi Allen, Krista Brockman, Ann Marie Carrothers, Anicka Chaffee, Karen Chen, Michael Cho, Hayden Clevenger, Drea Cruchett, Clara Cushing, Henry Dahlen, Tizoc Franco, Alex Harvey, Graham Home, Nico Jannasch, Gabby Jardini, Gabby Micheletti, Angela Ng, Alex Oh, Wendy Qian, Mark Reyes, Ellie Smith, Taylor Tidwell, Claire Westerkamp, Tyler Zenda, Nina Zhou

2010-11: Chloe Addleman, Rasheed Alhadi, Carly Armstrong, Maya Banks, Simmony Baran, David Brookshier, Julian Brown, Perry Choi, Shaun Chung, Charlotte Colton, Stephanie Corrigan, Garrett Cry, Michael Dudrey, Hannah Egar, Hussein Elbakri, Jordan Fernandez, Sean Harley, Iris Klotz, Erika Kreeger, Teo Lamiot, Minju Lim, Grace Llanos-Hinson, Amanda Mitchell, James Palaniuk, Jeff Pawling, Katie Reeves, Kyle Rogacion, Savannah Schwing, Joy Yamaguchi, August Zhan

2009-10: Greyson Abid, Chelsea Bates, Cheyenne Beheshtian, Will Burnett-Campodonico, Madeleine Crow, Alec Douglas, Peter Fettis, Julie Filo, Chanson Hardy, Kayla Ixtlahuac, Xander Kahle, Harrison Mace, Colin Mackenzie, Alisa Opperman, Rikhil Patel, Lucas Riley, Luke Rogers, Rachel Schwartz, Shayna Stoddard, Aaron Walls

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