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Adolescent Development
Photo Credit: Neloqua@Flickr
According to MSU Montguide's issue on adolescence, "adolescence is defined as the period of physical and psychological development that begins with the onset of puberty and ends with maturity." Montguide It is one of the most crucial developing periods during a person’s life, and as it marks the transition from childhood into adulthood, it enables people to solidify their identities. Through the maturation of physical, intellectual, and social processes, adolescents grow into independent and functional adults. As adolescence is a highly important time of development, any outside influence, be it familial or environmental, has a potentially huge impact on developmental health. According to comedian Carol Burnett, “Adolescence is just one big walking pimple," a summation with which most adults would probably agree.

by Chelsea Bates and Madeleine Crow