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Although it may seem like the obvious answer, the best way to prevent becoming an addict is to simply avoid using the substance in the first place. Regarding prescription drugs, it is important to take care when using them. Doctors prescribe these medications in small doses in order to be as safe as possible. If a person feels as though he needs a higher dose than the prescribed amount or feels he needs to take the medication more frequently than suggested, he should talk to his doctor. Although these precautions apply to all ages, there are four particularly important steps that help prevent substance abuse in teenagers. The first step is having effective communication with your parents. It is very important to talk to your parents about the risks of drug use and abuse. The second step teenagers should consider is whether or not they have someone in their life that will listen to and support them. This is crucial as those without support are much more likely to begin using a substance. The third step involves being smart about the people you choose to hang out with, whether it is at school or on the weekends. If your friends are using substances, you are likely to start using them as well. Lastly, it is vital that you have a strong bond with your parents or any other parental figure in your life. Strong and stable bonds between children and their parents greatly reduces the risk of later life drug abuse.

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